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Authentic. Original. Different.


Fusion of Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine in the interpretation of

Don Sergio will not leave anyone indifferent.

No secrets there. A lots of love and dedication, as well as the desire for adventure over the endless space of gastronomy, make Don Sergio.

We're breaking all taboos and setting new standards.

Join us on an exciting trip to the Kingdom of Taste.


And off we go…


Meet The Chef

The concept of Don Sergio follows the trends even though it basically relies on the presentation of Italian cuisine.

A fusion of styles, a different interpretation of gastronomic classics, is actually a definition of what we are doing at Don Sergio.

That's why we needed a Chef who has skills and creativity, and who in his professional career had the opportunity to meet different world cuisines and to work with the chefs who were visionaries when it comes to gastronomy.  

Our menu was given exactly that personal touch that we wanted and every dish is carefully designed from the way of preparation to the style of serving.

Of course, we insist on the highest quality ingredients, with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Pasta from Semolina flour, pizza dough made from 00 flour, of the finest texture.

Our burger, ramstek and sausages leave no one indifferent. Taste dictates special recipes for preparation of the meat.

There are also treats ... from the classics like Tiramisu cake over to the hot apple pie, with apples from Dolomita...


But this is just the beginning ... every season will bring something new to the table...

The journey has started. Join us...


Our Team

Chef - Zoran Lukić

Assistants: Sanja Macas and Saša Novak


And for spoon and fork and for the fingers...

Bubbles, Iscedi & Smuti, from the Source, and all 'Cold... Except the smile from barista ... ok and coffee too...

And Red and White and Rose, and sweet and frizzante... But not one bad...


Definitely would recommend.

Excellent food and a very charismatic chef.

Jovana, Banja Luka

At your service!

Phone: +387 66 58 38 39  



Delta Planet - Banja Luka

Opening hours: from 8am to 10pm every day. 


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